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Hollingsworth House Photos

Stone Building Photos

Little Elk Creek & Adjacent Grounds Photos

Herb Garden Photos

Members of the Rising Sun High School History Class and Advanced Placement History Class Students from across Cecil County, Maryland

Members of the Hollingsworth Family gather in Reunion at Historic Elk Landing, their ancestral home, on June 10, 2011

The Salty Dog Pirates Invaded Elk Landing on June 11th!!

British autos invade Elk Landing in June!!

18th Century Militia Memorial Day Encampment at Elk Landing!!

Independence Day Weekend, July 2, 2011, featuring the Cecil Militia and Thomas Jefferson!!

Paranormal Fair

Ghost Walk

Spring Awakening

Second Annual British Invasion Car Show April, 2012

Defenders Day 2012

Archaeology Day May 2012

Nature Day Sep 2012

Ft. Hollingsworth Day Sep 2012

Holiday Open House Brings out our Best over the years!

Third Annual British Invasion Car Show April, 2013

Battle of Elk Landing - 2013